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Every establishment has it's own unique culture, regardless of how positive or negative it may be. The cultural foundation here at this hotel is one that simply goes unnoticed. The staff here was truly helpful in making sure that our stay was the least of our concerns. With this being our first time in Dubai, there was much to explore in a weeks time and staffing/concierge made this very easy for us. Mohsin from concierge provided us with lots of options that I could choose from to get the best of our visit.

Every morning, breakfast was a must. Not only was the food great with made to order omelets, fresh juices & fruits, but the hostesses consistently made our experience all the better with their polite hospitality. Also, we found it very convenient that the workout facility was always clean & provided guests with the necessary equipment for a full body workout during business/vacation travel.

As frequent travelers, our hotel stay sets the tone for the visit. Considering the fact that Signature Culture Consulting (SCC) was traveling internationally, this played a key role in making us feel at home away from home. I was able to speak with several staff members on a case by case basis, some I could even mention by name. One front desk stop in particular I spoke with Nadia, the Director of Sales, who also happened to be from my hometown, Chicago. She provided me with direction during my visit which saved me time and resources without a doubt. Although we didn't make it to all of the suggested hotspots, we definitly enjoyed the ones that we did.

The safety in Dubai (which I never worried about), location, cleanliness, beds, room service, luggage drop off and pick up, and overall convenience here at this hotel were phenomenal.

I know you're probably wondering, why is SCC is taking the time out to mention HGI Mall of Emirates? Well, so often the focus is placed on what is done wrong. You can trust in Signature Culture Consulting to give you perspectives of not only companies with balanced cultures, but also those developing ones as well. Hotels are not a freebie when traveling locally or internationally. When we identify a SIGNATURE CULTURE, we will always be sure to take time out to share our experiences with you.

At SCC we are pleased to recommend the Hilton Garden Inn Mall of Emirates when visiting Dubai. We are fortunate to have found this gem in Dubai. To learn more about this experience, SCC, or simply leave a comment please do so below.

Thank you for allowing us to bring you More Culture!!!

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