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Virtual CORPORATE EVENT/Training 

We don’t just bring the boxed lunches and buffets, we organize and manage the logistics of your meeting or corporate conference so you can focus on your team and clients.


Virtual family reunions allow relatives to meet more consistently, since no travel is necessary. Families can gather virtually and spend quality time together without ever needing to book a plane ticket or hotel.

Virtual Child PlayDates

What are the benefits of Play Dates? Aside from the physical benefits, playdates help toddlers and older kids to develop and grow vital skills such as social, problem-solving, and critical thinking while also presenting many new learning opportunities. Signature Vibez wants to help you create a seamless playdate with friends no matter where they're. Book today to learn more about what we have to offer virtually. 



Virtual parties deliver their own equally delightful birthday experiences and even come along with some added benefits: Safety for yourself and your friends and family during pandemic times when even small gatherings present a public-health risk


Networking can be pretty intimidating to say the least. Having the team to facilitate a your virtual networking event that creates a safe space for your participants to thrive is important. Let us assist you with your next or very first virtual networking event.

Virtual Business Shower

A business shower gives your friends and community a chance to shower you with support and gifts. Gift ideas can include office supplies, gift cards, money, paper and pens, postage stamps, professional services, coffee or tea, snacks, essential oils, and candles. Book some time to learn how we can help you.  


A fun virtual happy hour is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a big week at work, life achievement, or to celebrate with those you love the most. It’s an ideal opportunity to gather everyone together, celebrate, get to know new people, reconnect with loved ones, and enjoy each other’s company. Book now to learn more.


Have you ever wanted to host an event that was not tied to your educational environment? Well we can help you do just that. Talent shows, game nights, parent teacher mixers, and more. Book to learn more.


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